Frauds within the Anti Illegal Alien community

SEND YOUR MONEY!  WE NEED YOUR HELP! WE ARE SHUTTING DOWN! SEND ! SEND SEND! but are they really earning their keep and your trust? I won’t go backward to far at this point but this blog is to give those Patriots that see that we send money and get others to send money yet don’t really see any bang for our buck.

If you have been involved with fighting for the continued  existence of our country, for any amount of time, you know of the past frauds but carried on as your heart and fighting spirit lead you there.  ENOUGH! It is time to expose those, who have taken lessons from the  televangelist. Time to call them out. So we can direct our efforts to those who actually get’er done.

What prompted me to start this blog? last week a number of, Patriots from Houston, all experienced in dealing with the illegals and their supporters, both on the border and on the streets of Houston, took a week off to travel to Del Rio, TX to meet up with a ‘Grassfire’ (Steve Elliot) sponsered ‘Border Convoy’ being run by a Bill Odom, that was coming from California to shake up things along the border, without details at this time, let me say this whole thing smelled like a setup by Monday, with the web site continuing to ask for more and more money each day, but failing to contact us as to a meeting point. after numerous tries by the Texas group. When we were able to review the streaming/you tube media as well as written material by outsiders, we determined that in all likelihood  a scam was taking place.

Hence, I you want to help jump in with accurate name and contact info of those site/groups that you feel have been scamming  us with a short as possible reason why you feel this way. If their are good groups the same would be appreciated.   From there we will give the group a chance to respond. and post it. at some point we will post a list  as why we feel this or that group needs to move on to some other Patsy.

This is my first time blogging, so just keep that in mind.

Let’s free up resources for those worthy of our trust.




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